Afika Oreo|Video Ads: Afikan - Oreo Ice Cream Orange

Afika Oreo|Video Ads: Afikan - Oreo Ice Cream Orange, New Oreo ad increase Africa, kid celebrity whose complete name is Abraham and the delivery Amanina Afiqah Jan 6, 2006. The vacationing couple's kid Dina Walintukan & Erwin Tim Ibrahim was popular working as a normal look, as if working without a program.

Afika profile
Name: Ibrahim Afiqah Amanina
Date of Birth: Jan 6, 2006
Commercials "Bebelac Star" and "Oranges Oreo Ice Cream" and "Family Bike"
Gender: Female
Name of parents: Mother: Dina Erwin Estaria
Father: Erwin Tim Ibrahim
Sister: Danish Xavier Ibrahim (male, 2 years)
Personal Interests: Performing, moving, enjoying songs, acting
Afiqah more like maen Furious Bird

Afikaa'm discovering, a boy / young lady more to come

Girl: Afikaaaaa?
Afikaa: yes
Girl: No new nih
Afikaa: what?
Girl: Well first used this

Girl: siaaaap already?
Afikaa: already
Girl: but freezing loh!
Afikaa: * _ *
Girl: this is it fruit oreo ice lotion styles ....
Afikaa: huh? orange

Women and kids Afikaa: licked, performed, cucucucu tale, loaded deh, BRRRRRRRRRRbRRRRRRRR! cool!

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