Benefits of Calamansi

My mom brings plenty of Calamansi at home. I asked here where did she buy it, then she answered me back, one of her students gave her Calamansi while she was on her way home. I am so glad that I can even take and use Calamansi at home as I hardly buy this because I can't even go out doing chores at home.  I know the benefits of using Calamansi so it excites me.

Benefits of Kalamansi:
It is based on what I have experienced while using it.

1. Calamansi is a natural potent 
source of Vitamin C.
 It serves as my juice.  I had once tonsillitis. I didn't even know what to take. I always prefer Doctor's 
prescription first before taking any medicines. So, I decided to drink Calamansi Juice and it feels so good as it cleanses my throat. It is also best alternative medicine for cough.

2. Good for skin.
Before taking a bath, put calamansi all over your  body and wait for about 30 minutes before rinsing it. After taking a bath, you will feel the smoothness of your skin. It serves as Exfoliator. It feels hurt when you apply it in open wounds but best advise 
to apply it on your scar marks as it helps to lessen visible marks through time.

3. A good bleaching Agent.
Most women in Asia love having white and flawless skin. There are some women who can afford to buy expensive cosmetics to maintain their daily beauty regimen. And for those who are not capable enough to buy expensive stuff, there are still Natural 
Skin Care Products that are not too tough and little pricey for them. There are some alternative home made ingredients that don't cost a penny. Calamansi can be found at home, you can mix it with your bleaching cream. One of the alternatives for bleaching cream is milk. You can mix it with milk altogether in your face and body. Leave it after 30 minutes and rinse it well and voila! You have a great looking skin.

4. It serves as a deodorant.
When you don't have a deodorant at home. Maybe because you forgot to buy for yourself and it takes time to ride on a jeepney. You have a date and nowhere to go. Stores are closed, period! You can check your kitchen, look for a calamansi and rub it on your underarm. It doesn't hurt much as long as you apply it gently. Wait for about 15mins and rinse it. There you have it. Your underarm won't be that bad smell anymore.

5. Great condiment for 
food recipes.
Most Asian people especially Filipino, Adobo is one of their food specialties. Adobo, won't be that good without the Calamansi. They used calamansi in marinating chicken, pork or beef to make it more tasty and delicious.

6. It removes dandruff.
It helps to remove dandruff by rubbing calamansi on scalp.

7. It helps fight itchiness.
When our skin is exposed in dirt, we experienced skin irritation and itchiness. Sometimes 
bug bites and mosquito bites caused itchiness. Before doing anything on your skin, cut Calamansi into half  and apply it on the affected area. The itchiness will stop.

8. Good for removing clothes stains.
Some stains are hardly gone unless using a bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide. But using it doesn't really help as it appears your clothes color fades away.

There you have it. If you have any comments or additional 
informations for my post, don't hesitate to share. As I always eager to learn and know everything. Hope you have learned something today.


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