Argan Oil

Do you know what ARGAN OIL is? How does it look like? Is it just an ordinary oil? Where is it coming from? What are the benefits using it?

Maybe some of us are not very familiar about this Moroccan Argan Oil. If you are conscious enough about your skin and health, this Oil is very familiar to you. Yes, absolutely right. Argan Oil has a lot of benefits particularly on our skin, hair and health. It is better to be well-informed about its uses.

Today, I am going to share with you the uses and benefits of using PURE MOROCCAN ARGAN OIL.

Argan Oil comes from the nuts of Argan Tree that grows widely somewhere in Morocco. It has been traditionally used by Moroccan in their daily skin and hair care. This oil is highly endowed with the useful benefits which help people to keep their skin healthy and clean. It is one of the most women's Natural Skin Care Product favorites. 

Argan Oil is famously known as Miracle Oil because it works wonders both on your skin and health. It is advisably used both by children and adults. It can be safely used by anyone. I, personally use Argan Oil when pimples popping out during my menstrual period. I call it "dry oil" because it easily dries up my pimples and it works! Pimples are healed in just 3 days. It's worth the wait as I hardly stop my pimples before. It runs about a month or two until it erases and heals totally. 

What are the benefits and uses of Argan Oil?

1. Argan Oil is composed of Essential Fatty Acids such as :
         a. Saturated fatty acids including Palmitic acid and  Stearic Acid
         b. Mono unsaturated fatty acids such as Oleic acid
         c. Polyunsaturated fatty acid such as Lenoleic Acid and Alpha Linolenic Acid.
If you want to know their uses, you can do a research about the above-mentioned fatty acids for further informations.

2. It is highly recommended as one of the most effective Natural Skin Care Products that works wonder for the following skin conditions: psoriasis, eczema, acne, wrinkles and fine lines, sunburn, cellulite, dry scalp, brittle nails, damaged hair, body aches and pains, cracked feet and other skin problems.

3. Argan Oil can be used as a moisturizer.  It helps to dry up your skin allergies and lifts your skin not to be saggy. You can feel the firmness of your skin in just a week.

4. It helps to relax your mind. When you are easily irritated and frustrated, it soothes your head by a little massage.

5. It makes your skin younger and healthier as it firms your loose flabby skin. . It softens and reduces aging signs as per Clinical Studies.

6. Argan Oil has Sterols, polyphenols and Natural antioxidants. It helps to lower cholesterol and prevents cancer.
7. It protects your skin damaged by sun exposure such as sunburns.

8. It reduces redness and swelling caused by highly pigmented chemical beauty products.

9. It nourishes and protects your hair away from breakage. It is used to tame, calm your frizzy kinky hair. A drop or two is all it takes to bring back the shine and make your hair silky. 

10. It helps to improve uneven skin tone and lightens under eye  circles.

11. It has Polyphenols that reduce inflammations such as burns and allergies, skin irritations due to reactions from using harsh chemical products and other environmental factors. 

It has been famous worldwide. The uses of this oil are substantial. You can do a lot of experiments. You can directly apply it on your skin without any negative reactions. It can be mixed on cosmetics too. 

Before and After picture as the result of using Argan Oil

Argan Oil is pretty expensive but worth the price. I suggest to buy Pure Moroccan Argan Oil with its purest, rather than those who sell cheaper price. A few drops will cover the whole. 

Here is our Pure Moroccan Argan Oil Product. 

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