There Beautiful sunset in Karimunjawa


There Beautiful sunset in Karimunjawa
Evening landscape is always exciting to look at, not least in the isle of Karimun. Island in the south town of Jepara is always existing elegance as the sun places.

Beautiful florida sunsets falling of the sight to shift the contact on the end of Connect Karimunjawa. Food for the sight to ignore to flash. Whether because of the sundown, or indeed a wonderful isle, Karimunjawa can always create guests spellbound.

At mid-day, when the sun just above, the isle is very wonderful. Worked with with the pristine of sea water is very obvious. Perfect!
Karimunjawa destinations in the Coffee Sea is involved in the section of Jepara, Main Coffee. With an place of 1500 hectares of place and ocean ± 110 000 ± miles, Karimunjawa now designed into a interest Sea Recreational areas that begin much-loved regional and international vacationers.

Based on the tale that distributed in the destinations, the isle was discovered by Sunan Muria Karimunjawa. The tale informs of Sunan Muria are worried about the trouble his son, Amir Hasan. With the purpose to inform, Sunan Muria then requested his son to go to an isle that seems "kremun-kremun" (blurry) from the peak of Install Moriah that the kid can expand and create the technology of belief. Because it looks "kremun-kremun" the isle dinamakanlah Karimun Island.

From the time frame of April 15, 2001, Karimunjawa Jepara as established by the Nationwide Recreation place. Karimunjawa is house to barrier coral reefs, mangroves, seaside jungles, and nearly 400 types of marine wildlife, such as 242 types of decorative seafood. Berhabitat some unusual wildlife here is the sea eagle and white-colored chest place, hawksbill and natural turtles.

Plants that became the characteristic of the Nationwide Recreation place Karimunjawa dewadaru (Crystocalyx macrophyla) discovered in lowland rainforest.
Waves in Karimunjawa is low and acquire, mostly restricted by the seaside is excellent pristine seashores.


Effective Scar Eraser and Stretchmarks Remover

Natural Beauty Skin Care Ingredients.

Read everything as you will be informed that Natural Beauty Skin Care Products do really great job in improving our appearance.

Our skin is a sensitive organ that easily breaks out. There are different types of skin, some are sensitive enough that bug bites may cause scars on affected areas. Sometimes it's easily spread when scratched. There are some skin that looks healthy yet any burn, injury, surgery or any other trauma accidents can cause the formation of scar tissue that leads your skin looks ugly. The scar is not so bad to look at if it is small or easy to hide using different over the counter concealer products. It may be not recognized or less visible through times.  

There are some who are looking for something not just wearing clothes to hide scars. 
Scars will never be erased completely, it may lessen using over the counter products for scar reductions. There are some people who undergo laser treatments to completely erase marks. 

There are different kinds of scars:

1. Acne Scar- this scar cause from acne inflammations. After acne heals, the skin can be left discolorations and ranging from deep pits to scars. Some pimples popped and pinched out that may cause deep scars. 

2. Stretch marks Scar- this is the cause when the skin is stretched rapidly during pregnancy.

3. Contracture Scar- skin has been burned that cause skin tightening, inability to move that may affect muscles and nerves.

4. Keloid Scar- is a serious form of scarring because it is the result of an overgrowth granulation tissue at the portion of skin healed injury. It grows indefinitely into large tumorous neoplasms .

5. Hypertrophic scar- red scars that similar to Keloids but not as big as Keloids. Injection of steroids used to remove this.
Some scar treatments are Microdermabrasion, laser treatments, over-the-counter or prescription creams, ointment or gel, surgical removal, and injections. Some use natural products or home made to heal scars.
Here is one of our products we suggest for you to try. 

HOPE MIRACLE CREAM WITH MICROPEELING for scar marks and stretch marks. It serves as a potent skin anti-oxidant and skin moisturizer, it covers blemishes, treats age spots, lightens and eliminates scars, flattens keloids, removes warts and other skin problems. It can be applied both face and body.




This is all about Natural Beauty Skin Care Products you love.

Happy Blogging.

benefits banana fruit for health

benefits banana fruit for health, Apparently a lot of goodness and health advantages of a bananas. There are 8 properties for your body's apples. Are are they? Ranging from help lower hypertension level, to keep blood sugar levels. Certainly, the consumption of apples and do not ignore.
This is ...

1. The simple bananas is an excellent source of system potassium, for 100 h of apples containing 400 h of system potassium. Just a reminder, system potassium is a nutrient that can help lower hypertension level, supply power, help muscle growth and prevent muscle cramps.

2. Eight-amino acid building blocks of protein molecules apples. It takes the system, because the system can not produce it.

3. Twenty-three million apples consumed by men and women golf players in the Wimbledon golf tournament each year. Understandably, the bananas has a very great power source.

4. Diarrhea can be cured only by mangkonsumsi apples that have brown spots on his skin. Because, no pectin, system potassium and mineral magnesium it contains.

5. The simple bananas is able to recover stamina, because apples to replace system potassium lost from the system. Besides apples are also able to relieve pain, decrease nausea, and decrease the great levels of mineral magnesium, which helps eliminate the headache and circulatory melancarakan.

6. Banana skins have more benefits in the tropics, should Indonesia. Itching and swelling of mosquito bites could be eliminated by simply rubbing the skin.

7. Two apples a day can decrease great pressures up to 10 percent. That's according to a study by doctors in India.

8. Bananas contain three sugars: fructose, sucrose, glucose and has more carbohydrates as well as well as important compared to other fruits. Glucose that goes into the flow direction of flow with different speeds that can keep system sugar levels and avoid power crashes.

Important Notice


I am one of the legitimate distributors of W.M Nature Touch Products. I have given an authority to sell and 
promote products. Whatever transactions I made is under the consent of W.M Nature Touch owner as long as I don't cheat or fake my beloved customers.
We are known to be honest and fair with all our customers. We assist all inquiries with patience.
 I, one of  the W. Distributor promotes products and accepts orders.

You can check my FACEBOOK PAGE  or simply go to the Contacts Tab and click LIKE US .

As you have noticed I have a different fan page name simply because I made myself something I owned. Even I sell W.M Nature Products, I still have my own page for my own customers. I have products on hand that bought from W.M Nature Touch but the price is still the same

You can read feedbacks from our valued customers in the feedback's album.




BENEFITS OF COCONUT WATER, Grape is known as the plant is full of advantages. Almost no aspect of the coconut trees that are not useful for life. But not often take advantage of people who do not understand any aspect of the coconut. Grape drinking water for example, would simply be a waste because memanfaatkanya confused. Though it is very healthy coconut drinking water for physical health and fitness.

Well .. that coconut drinking water is not thrown away, you need to know what are the properties and advantages. Here are seven reasons why you need to consume coconut water:

A. Grape drinking water is more healthy than whole use products (whole milk) because it contains no cholesterol and low in fat.

2. Grape drinking water can improve circulation and is known to cleanse the intestinal system.

3. Grape drinking water will not only create your defense mechanisms better, but it also allows the body system against some types of viruses that cause disease.
4. If you suffer from renal rocks, create it a practice to consume coconut drinking water regularly. The practice of drinking coconut drinking water will help break up renal rocks and ease them out of the body system.

5. Grape drinking water is also known for years ago can cure bladder disorders. A glass of coconut drinking water will relieve the pain of difficult peeing.
6. If you still feel a hangover, no one can recover quickly in addition to consuming coconut drinking water.

7. Tender coconut drinking water that tastes very full of water and system potassium. Potassium allows the body system control hypertension level and cardiac function.

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Hair Care Tips Branching


Hair Care Tips Branching, Locks treatment for hair problems branching is needed. Extended hair are more common in people with long hair. This is because the further end of hair by the origins, the less oiling oil (natural oil from the head) that he could get, In fact, for some cases, hair did not get the lubricating oil at all.

End of hair that does not have the lubricating oil will be dry and difficult. The longer this situation carries on, hair will be tired. Condition that usually impacts locks are hair branching. The hair will divided into several areas such as a shrub with many divisions.

Indeed, man can not power the hair's organic oiling oil to lube all of hair, but there are a few guidelines that can be done to hairdressing that can be done either branched or may not experience this issue. Here's a simple hairdressing guidelines that can be done:

Comb the hair before washing can reduce the harm due to brushing hair after washing. Combing hair such as hairdressing is to be done once or 2 times a day because it can enhance movement to the go.

Shampoo from go and then dropped gradually to the tip of hair while locks are tergelai. This will reduce hair harm that can cause hair branching.
Use lots of restorative especially for hair because the restorative is not only a lubrication but also works as a guard for hair. Choose a restorative that was designed for this issue.

Do not excessive use the resources that give off warm just as a device or device secure strike the warm from these gadgets can harm hair even if the hair has a highest possible.

When the locks are already branched, rutinlah plumb 1 inches above the branched hair. Division will be significantly divided up when not cut hair origins.
Perform 5 branched hairdressing guidelines regularly to deal with the issue of hair divided stops. Regards

How To Avoid Flu Transmission in the Office


How To Avoid Flu Transmission in the Office, Confronted with intermittent climate is certainly needed extra endurance so as not to fall ill. But what if the people around us susceptible to the flu malware for fast indication.

In the office, for example, or in the shopping center, packed locations to eat, or even inside. You may not be able to prevent these locations. You need only secure themselves by keeping hygiene and sufficient complement to the body.

At home
- Supplement D
Take nutritional D as a companion after morning meal. Research from Yale university of remedies performed during the cold months season of 2009 to 2010 revealed that grownups with sufficient nutritional D levels (at least 38 nanograms per millimeter) 50% lesser kemungkinannnya for flu disease and other conditions relevant to the breathing.

Vitamin D is confirmed to increase the defense mechanisms by layer the voice to battle the malware. But without any outside help as a complement, to give your very best for tubh increase resistance by itself, says Eileen F. Holick, MD, Ph.D., teacher of remedies, structure and biophysics at Birkenstock boston School School of Medicine.

The size of the suggested nutritional D is 600IU per day, otherwise you are still able to eat other food resources of nutritional D such as soy use products.

- Seterilisasi
Norovirusses, the type of microorganisms causes the flu is known to be very strong and can live for several weeks on furnishings and surfaces. In fact, this malware can still endure despite being cleaned with detergent or fluid cleaner. This malware can only be removed with a cleaner that contains swimming pool water.
As a safety measure, prevent using eyeglasses or clothing and place instead. Moreover to equipment, restroom, telephon, TV distant, and entrance manages are easily infected because of the frequently moved at the same time.

Christine L. Moe, Ph.D., teacher of health from Emory School in Atl, found the right ingredients of swimming pool water to destroy bacteria. You can take ½ cup of swimming pool water lighten together with one quart of water for cleansing equipment. As for the program, more suggested to use a water vapor cleaner than cleansing them.

Relax is
Fill the break, which is 7 time each evening for the defense mechanisms more powerful. Good-quality rest will refresh your body and decreases your possibilities of having a a aching neck, dripping nasal area, and coughing the next day.

Of analysis Carnegie Mellon School in Pittsburgh, people who rest less than 7 time a day nearly 3-fold down with the flu than those who rested seven time or more.
Lack rest, leading to a loss of cost of the perform of natural tissues keep the defense mechanisms.

In the workplace
Zinc lozenges are the ideal response to avoid the flu is native to the island in your office. Always keep it in a table cabinet. A analysis in Finland said that at least zinc oxide lozenges contain 75 mg of metal that can avoid the flu. No side results There are too annoying efficiency in office.

"To avoid the flu, you need a product that can launch zinc oxide ions," said Harri Hemila, MD, Ph.D., a teacher at the School of Helsinki. He also suggests two manufacturers on the market secure, Cold-Eeze and Walgreens' Freezing Solution Zinc lozenges.

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Japanese Female Facial Care Secrets


Japanese Female Facial Care Secrets, Has a wonderful experience and fresh would have to be every womens desire. Do you know the key of the Japoneses progress care? Asia, such as nations that have the elegance from the organic charm and the great thing about Japoneses females. Want to know the key of the Japoneses conventional care? Here is the key of the Japoneses progress therapies, such as:

A. Clean glutinous grain and start a fabric bag. After that, lb the fabric equally until the grain becomes smooth. When bashing difficult grain, not too hard as this will make the bag easy to crack.

2. Once the difficult grain into a sleek, put the bag into a container containing trouble. Allow the water to modify shade like use products. When completed, take the bag and then remove it equally to the experience. Let take a position for 2-3 moments.

3. Clean with freezing water after massaging the bag over his experience. Do this consistently. Just a observe, the bag is not straight in the fatigue because it still can be used up to 2-3 times of use.

Apparently an easy way to do facials, maybe this is the key of wonderful Japoneses females still have a experience that intrigues. Very straightforward to try. For those of you who are considering and find this content useful, please you can adhere to the above key.

"Behold the Ageless and Goddess Beauty in You"


This blog contains reviews regarding the benefits of using Natural Skin Care Products on your skin. It gives you a naturally healthy glowing skin. It is based on using botanical, pure organic ingredients formed by nature without synthetic chemicals that may cause skin irritations.

Pure organic products from fruits, essential oils, herbs, roots, flowers and a lot combined with natural occurring ingredients such as preservatives and emulsifiers which can be used in making soap, lotion, toner, facial cream, paste mask, body cream and a lot.

This product helps rejuvenate your skin to make it softer, smoother and younger. Nurture and protect your skin with all naturals and organic essentials with no harsh chemicals. This product is much safer to use because of its less toxins compare to Chemical Product that uses harsh chemicals for faster results yet may affect your skin that develops itchiness, rashes, and burns

     No Parabens.
     No sulfate.
     No Glycol.
     No Hydroquinone.

Products that all natural with lots of benefits and no peeling required.
Products that are not cruel and never tested on animals.
All Natural Products that treat your skin gently.
The main ingredients are vegetables, essential oils, fruits, flowers and the like. If you are looking for a product that relaxing and rejuvenating then this Natural Skin Care product is good for you.

For reference just simply read all the benefits I have written in reviews for you to decide what products best for you.

Increase Fertility with Cold Water Bath


Increase Fertility with Cold Water Bath, HOW many of you who prefer to bathe in trouble than freezing water? Cold drinking water shower is not only stimulated enthusiasm in the morning, but it also has many wellness advantages that you've never known before.

Maybe a freezing bathtub to your favorite practice. However, very few realize the wellness advantages of freezing showers.

Before many doctors can treat various illnesses with remedies, hydrotherapy (rehabilitation carried out in the water) is very popular for curing illnesses. Actually, Charles Darwin had spread the freezing drinking water treatments is now widely used for spa treatments around the world.

A freezing bathtub can treat many illnesses by increasing program movement and defense mechanisms. These advantages behind a refreshing freezing bathtub, as reported by Boldsky.
Increase program circulation

The first benefit of a freezing drinking water shower can enhance movement. Heat range and mechanical application of drinking water to the epidermis causes a continuous movement or program movement so that the stimulation of the neurological program can affect almost any part of the body.

Increased movement is essential for heart wellness. A freezing bathtub to activate movement is also able to make you look young and fresh.

Relieves pressure and depression
As evidenced by analysis in the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, a freezing bathtub to activate the brain blue dot, which is the main source noadrenaline. Noadrenaline are substances that help reduce depressive disorder in humans. So, take a freezing bathtub can do any time of pressure or suffering from depression. You can immediately feel better without having to pay
for drugs to treat it.

Enhance immunity

Research shows that freezing drinking water hydrotherapy is done regularly have shown a significant improvement in the fight against some illnesses. The advantages of drinking water treatments is to boost the defense mechanisms.

Maintain healthy epidermis and hair
Cold drinking water detoxifies harmful substances from your epidermis. This is a well known proven reality that hot drinking water opens the follicle and skin pores, while the freezing drinking water does just the opposite. If the follicle and closed skin pores, then almost no accumulation of dirt in it. Thus making the epidermis clean and acne free.

Cold drinking water shower not only make our locks look more shiny, but also prevents baldness and dandruff due to close on our scalp follicle.

Improve fertility

A freezing bathtub regularly can help regulate consequently and promote the secretion of hormones. Instead, the hot drinking water shower to improve the temperature of the testes which causes a decrease in sperm fertility. Therefore, the hot drinking water shower continuously for several days can serve as a natural contraceptive methods.

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Drinks for a Healthy Heart


Drinks for a Healthy Heart, To reduced cholestrerol levels and improve your center health, eat diet plans alone is not enough. You also need to compensate by drinking healthier drinks that are excellent for the center.
When thirst strikes, bijaklah in choosing drinks, because some drinks are not excellent for your center, such as carbonated drinks and other energy drinks.
Here are 5 types of drinks are excellent for center health, as reported from onlymyhealth, Monday (6/18/2012), among others:
A. Water
The best consume to cope with dehydration and no calories is drinking water. Drink 6-8 glasses per day, or you can add a slice of acid fruit juice if you do not like the taste of drinking water.
You can mix drinking water with syrup, but check the label and make sure the syrup is not made of sugar or sugar substitutes.
2. Milk
Healthy drinks right to the center is a low-fat use products or soy use products. Milk also can meet your daily calcium mineral needs. If you select soy use products, select calcium-fortified. Milk products enriched with plant sterols also excellent to help decrease cholestrerol levels.
3. Fruit juice
Own fruit excellent for the center, so maybe grape fruit juice will also contribute positively to your center. As with all fruits and veggies, fruit loaded with plenty of nutritious compounds decrease risk of center problems.
It is still not proven whether grape fruit juice as beneficial as the wine. Eat fruit as a whole will provide greater advantages than eating the fruit juice.
4. Coffee
Coffee advantages for the center is still a pertentanga. However, moderate consumption of java appears to show the advantages for the center because it contains anti-oxidants.
5. Tea
Research has shown that natural or black tea may help prevent center problems. Teas is loaded with powerful anti-oxidants that decrease system cholestrerol levels and hypertension level may even.

Weekends with reflection foot massage Make Add Fit


Weekends with reflection foot massage Make Add Fit, The few days a lot of fun individuals to see yourself as to reflect on including in the leg. It turns out the few days with a toes rub plus it can get individuals to fit.

Reflexology was first practiced circa 2500-2300 BC by the Egyptian doctor. The longer reflexology is growing up to be done on toes.

Foot reflexology is based on the points in you that can stimulate all parts of the body system thus bringing the overall physical changes.

Here are some benefits that make the time fit you reflexology rub on the few days as quoted from Livestrong, Saturday (16/06/2012):

A. Relaxation
Once in a typical day crammed with homework and a stressful job, perform toes reflexology rub on the few days can be effective in achieving a condition of leisure. This is because there is the solar plexus is the nerve center of which usually keep pressure. When the solar plexus point is the reduced pressure in the body system seemed to disappear so that the defense mechanisms does not decrease, and toes reflexology can help.

2. Improved circulation
Although only conducted on toes, but reflexology can enhance movement throughout the body system. A gentle rub on you by using a finger pressure technique can improve system movement to vital body parts, system delivers fresh air and nutrients to body parts and cells. If any part of one's human is damaged, then you reflexology can help repair damaged cells.

3. Reduce pain
When applied at you of the insights produced more endorphins to block suffering to the mind. Those who have suffering will get significant relief from the reflection.

4. Improve Memory
Oxygen is needed to keep cells in great health. Reflex pleasure to the mind from the leg can improve movement to the head, and if done regularly will help enhance the mind for the absent-minded.

5. Help overcome constipation
When a person is experiencing bowel problems or bowel problems then on toes reflexology can provide pleasure of the colon, intestines and other related reflexes that help restore the normal condition.

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TIPS FOR THAT HAVE DISEASES HYPERTENSION, Individuals with high blood pressure are at probabilities of cardiac event, stroke, and kidney condition. Those who have high blood pressure, you should do these 5 steps.

By following some simple nutritional recommendations, you can minimize high blood pressure and protect your wellness.

"You can prevent the chance of condition due to high blood pressure by making simple eating plan," said Lawrence Appel, MD, MPH, professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg of Public Health, as quoted by everydayhealth, Friday (15/06/2012).

The following nutritional recommendations for those who have high blood pressure, among others:

A. Reduce consumption of sodium

Sodium acts as a preservative, so often found in extreme amounts in unhealthy meals. Read the labels on food packaging carefully.

You only need about 200 mg of salt and should not exceed 600 mg salt. If you are eating more fresh produce, the consumption of salt that you eat less, too.

2. Bodyweight loss

Weight loss as a whole seems to have a positive effect on high blood pressure level. Having an ideal weight may actually contribute to high blood pressure and other illnesses.

3. Avoid alcoholic beverages

Excessive drinking has a negative impact on high blood pressure level.

4. Change your diet

Change your daily eating plan with a focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy, and liver organ. Food is good for keeping high blood pressure level remained constant.

5. Medication therapy

For some conditions, not everyone is able to manage high blood pressure with eating plan alone.

Some people sometimes need medication to keep his high blood pressure level to remain stable

"There are benefits of medications for high blood pressure, high blood pressure you. Therapy complementary medicine and eating plan, but consult with your doctor the use of medication to determine whether medication that you consume is safe and causes no side effects on wellness," said Appel.

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Tips-How Easy slimming by Sleeping Beauty

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tips-How Easy slimming by Sleeping Beauty


Tips-How Easy slimming by Sleeping Beauty, Relax not only refreshes the system treatments, but also the best way to support weight-loss. Enough sleep to make the hormonal agent ghrelin in the system reduces. Hormone that promotes hunger.

The study, published by the American Publication of Clinical Nutrition showed that individuals who had less sleep time, experienced a significant improve in the number of calories from munching. Compared with individuals who have a while to relax.
Research shows that insomnia energizes the desire to snack. Where this practice motivates the consumption of more carbohydrate food, less protein, and tend not to eat many vegetables.
Despite these conclusions, fitness and lifestyle expert, Christine Fee, have regularly reminded the importance of quality sleep to weight-loss.

"Sleep can actually improve your ability to burn fat. Overnight, the system process carbohydrate food efficiently for use as an power source," he said.

Poor sleep habits while creating hormonal agent instability that wreak havoc on your metabolic rate.

"Lack rest inhibits the process of metabolic rate and cause fat remains to improve, and the effect is excess bodyweight. Absence rest activates craving for food and improve hunger. In fact, not often cause emotional craving for food."

See the positive benefits of adequate sleep every evening, consider some tips for successful beauty rest.

A. Spend a while to relax.
Try to do the work in the nights such as sending an email to friends or co-workers beginning so you have a chance to relax more time. If you take plenty of a chance to relax more time than usual, for example, seven to eight hours every evening, you can shed bodyweight about seven pounds a year.

2. Self-discipline to bedtime.
You can not always control when you awaken, but you can be sure to go to bed at a certain hour for regular days off. Do not just to get up beginning, put also an alarm to remind you rest.

3. Sleeping in a dim room.
The best atmosphere that can help you to get to sleep faster and sleep well is a dim, quiet, and cold or cool. If you need to wear an eye mask to avoid exposure to lighting perfectly. Try also to turn off all lighting from electrical appliances such as tvs and computers. Dim or dark conditions can activate the production of substances in your melatonin, a hormonal agent that energizes the start of sleepiness.

4. Do a relaxation practice.
Stress can intervene with sleep or rest time. Try to relax as to placate the technical breathing, relaxation or exercise the muscles relaxing. You can also try enjoying soft music in the ear or warm bath water before bed. When the system calms, the pulse rate and respiratory weak point, a sign you're ready to relax.

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list Complete of Oscar Winners 2012

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Kindly click photos for the price lists. Thank you so much.


Benefits of Rosehip Oil

Natural Beauty Skin Care Ingredients

I've been so very busy this past few days. So, I miss writing my blog. 
How's everyone? 
Have you read my previous post? 

If not kindly click the link below if you want to know the benefits using Natural Skin Care Products. I am an avid fan of all Natural Skin Care Products. I really love the good effects on my skin. No worries, you got it all! No harmful side effects. No bumps. No rashes. No negative feedbacks. 
Who else will think negative feedbacks upon using all natural products? Yes, maybe there are some people who can testify that there are some natural products irritate their skin. Maybe because they don't undergo assay tests and yes, the expiration date is a must. 

They should know the effectivity span of that product. 
How long that products will be used and not to use? 
How long will it take to determine its effectivity? 
How long will you stop not to use?

Most Natural Skin Care Products are needed to be placed in a room temperature. Avoid exposing it direct from sunlight.
Today I'm going to post about the benefits of Rosehip Oil. Rosehip Oil is a fruit oil extracted from the hip of the rose.

Here are some of the benefits of Rosehip Oil based on my experiences and research.

1.  Rosehip Oil contains unsaturated essential fatty acids such as Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid,  Linolenic Acid, Beta Carotene and Vitamin C.
2.  It is an oil that once applied there is no greasy feeling unlike with the other oils.
3.  It helps to reduce aging signs such wrinkles, warts, and others.
4.  It helps to reduce scar marks caused by injuries and insect bites.
5.  It serves as a moisturizer. Alternative for lotions or combined with a lotion to make the skin smoother.
6.  It cures acne and reduces acne marks.
7.  It helps to have a smaller pores.
8.  It reduces, stretch marks, cellulite, melasma and a lot.
9.  It removes skin care problems such as psoriasis, eczema, burns, chicken pox marks, insect bite marks, dermatitis, scarring and other skin conditions.
10.  It is naturally applied directly on the skin without experiencing pigmentation.
11.  It is a natural oil that used any type of skin; hypoallergenic.
12.  It can be added to any other skin care products to be more effective, with no harmful side effects.
13.  It is best for dry skin.
14.  It is good for dry hair and scalp.

Those are the lists I know, you can share your experiences also by using this product. I am open for any suggestions.

To attest its effectiveness, feel free to browse my products by simply clicking HERE .

Here are some of our products that contain Rosehip Oil.

Natural Rosehip Oil

Rosehip Soap

Thanks for dropping in.

Pleasure to share one of the most effective Natural Beauty Skin Care You Love.