The typical Middle Eastern rice Mandhi delicious for Idul Fitri Menu

The typical Middle Eastern rice Mandhi delicious for Idul Fitri Menu, To recover power after a full day of going on a fast, we usually have to eat sweet meals and beverages. But there is a Center Southern cooking improve endurance, but delicious taste. His name is Grain Mandhi.

A customer in the KH Mas Mansyur (Sunan Ampel Spiritual Travel and leisure area) provides a wide range of Center Southern meals. One of the best promoting meals is rice Mandhi.

Snack that is almost identical like this yellow-colored rice prepared with various spices or herbs. Such as red onion, beans, turmeric root extract extract, nutmeg, cinnamon and spice up.

"So fresh fragrance, taste also included cumin and cilantro dust with 50 percent tsp. evaluate," said Umi Sundus when discussing with, Wednesday (07/08/2012).

Middle-aged lady, proprietor of the Warehouse Yemen also has extra taste (secret). When the handling of rice with condiments on the hotplate, he also included cardamom dust and sliced vegetables that have been enhanced.

"The fragrance of cardamom can improve hunger, and common fresh spices or herbs," he said.

Then, spread the money Sundus Umi Mandhi Grain with raisins. Delicious, delicious rice with the scent you are prepared to crack their fast.

Mandhi rice usually provided with sides of goat beef. Can be prepared like krengsengan, or by means of goat's increases. A providing of rice Mandhi quite cost USD 25 million.

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Body Warm delicious Arab coffee

Body Warm delicious Arab coffee

Body Warm delicious Arab coffee, Drink black java comes from the ore it was always a pillar at staying up. In addition to delightful, fresh fragrance attribute. Now, providing java can also be customized with additional preparing Arab-style java.

Way of introducing Arabic java is quite complicated. Ground java after preparing, along with seasonings or herbs. Prepare dust cardamom, cloves, raisins and nutmeg to liven melengkap Persia java. Assured, when menyruput java, a feeling that you're breathing too fresh fragrance common of the Center Eastern.

"This is a common dust cardamom Center Eastern, sweet appetite, system socks as well," said Umi Sundus Warehouse owner when talking with Yemen, Wed (08/08/2012).

Stalls located KH Mas Mansyur (Tomb of Sunan Ampel Spiritual Tourism), Persia java is usually present close to the iftar selection. The body's energy had been reduced because of a day of going on a fast, so much endurance.

"To stay up too good, Persia java is actually suitable for people who are not feeling well. Effect heats up our bodies," he said.

Cinnamon supports drizzled with Persia Coffee also enhance the presentation. Well, delightful and fresh java is common of the Center Eastern, slurp!

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Want Healthy Coffee Dates Try it!

Want Healthy Coffee Dates Try it!


Want Healthy Coffee Dates Try it!, Want have fun with a java while treating the disease? You can flavor the java schedules. Caffeine free java is assured due to simply created of time frame rocks.

The amount of nutritional value included in coffees make this time frame have qualities to treat various illnesses, such as diabetes and hemorrhoid flare-ups and cancer.

"Pure is created from the seeds products of schedules," said Abdul Kadir, the owner of Coffee shop on the Road Dates Sungkono Town Pogar, Bangil, Pasuruan, Saturday (10/08/2012).

According to him, a way of making java time frame java is not much different from the current general. Hand seeds products that have been divided from the meat and then dry in the sun to dry.

After that time frame rocks are fried like fried legumes. Once thats done, time frame rocks and then cooking and ground to a dust. Every 1 kg of palm fruit can produce 5 oz. of made java grounds ready schedules.

For not wearing an assortment of components, but have qualities to treat condition, java has a unique flavor. Fragrance schedules are felt on the dialect when intoxicated. The more delightful when intoxicated when warm.

According to Abdul Kadir, time frame java fans can appreciate this healthy java in various tastes. Dates of java can be experienced with dairy, cream or with an assortment of other components.

Slruuupp ... For you java fanatic, there is no harm in trying java schedules. Drinks created from time frame palm seeds is suitable as a associate and dining selection iftar meal.

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There Beautiful sunset in Karimunjawa

Choose your food and drink properly

The greatest contact we have with the environment is through our food. In order for every single cell of the body to function effeciently, it must be provided with all the essential nutrients to maintain its individual biochemical processes. When wholesome, balanced, and functional nutrition is adequate, the body will have its fullest power to resist disease, enhance healing, improve health and prolong life.
Body cells in general die for two reasons: first, when they don't get all the necessary substances they need; second when something that they don't need poisons them.

The latest health research studies have maintained that the best form of wholesome functional, and balanced nutrition comes from a variety of plant foods. Scientists have evidence regarding the long term negative effects of animal protein rich diet to our kidneys and to our body as a whole. Plant protein, such as soy is safer for the kidneys and is good substitute for animal protein. Good nutrition for our total body systems is the same good nutrition for our kidneys. Every time we take food, it contributes to either health or disease.
This picture shows the exact healthy foods to be eaten with the combination of  go, grow and glow foods.

Around 60 percent of an adult's consists of water. In a newborn infant, the water content is even higher, amounting to 75 percent of its total weight.
Since water is the body's official transport system, its adequate amount is very important. Every life giving element contained in the blood such as oxygen, food nutrients and special substances such as hormones, could never reach the destination without water. In addition, waste products of metabolism could not be eliminated and would build up in the body. In fact, without water one could not breathe. Before oxygen and carbon dioxide could pass in and out of the blood, respectively, they must first dissolve in a thin film of water that lines each air sac in the lungs. So much injury could happen to many organs and individual cells, in particular, when there is very little amount of water taken in. However, these injuries are often prevented because no less than the kidneys would have the most exhaustive effort in troubleshooting this problem. As explained earlier, the kidney's ability to dilute urine does not require much labor than their ability to concentrate it. To concetrate urine is the kidney's way of releasing more solutes while holding more water so that the body's balance of water and chemical constituents will always be at its right proportion. To lessen the workload of the kidneys, it is very important to drint sufficient amount of water.

The amount of water we have to take depends on the estimated amount of fluids that is lost from the body. The body loses water in four major ways:
1.  through the kidneys in the form of urine.
2.  from the skin as perspiration
3.  from the lungs as moistened breath
4.  from the colon as water moistened stool

Fluid loss depends on body temperature and physical activity. In an average temperature, an adult loses approximately 2,320 ml of water daily. In hot weather and also when one has a fever approximately 3,320 ml is lost; while during heavy exercise, the amount of water lost is 6, 620 ml. Normally, 2 liters of water or approximately eight 250 ml glasses are needed every day. Some unqualified amount of fluid from our food is an addition.

Many are used to drinking water during or immediately after a meal. However the best time to drink water is in between meals. Drinking during meals dilutes the digestive juices. In order to process food,, the digestive system must manufacture more of these juices in order to raise it to the required level of concentration. This puts the digestive system into a strain. Besides, the stomach has to reach a certain temperature warm enough to process the food. If cold water is taken with meals, the stomach will seek an effort to rewarm before the digestive cycle is completed. The best time to drink enough water is one hour after a meal or fifteen minutes before the next meal.

Whether or not the water looks clear is no guarantee that it is pure and clean. Gone are the days when people just get water directly from a flowing stream, or a well, or even drink directly from faucets without fear of contamination. Today, we have a fair different scenario. We have to exert efforts to make sure that the water we drink is pure and clean. We fear that in the next two or three days generations, the problem of water pollution worldwide may seem to have no solution. Man's increased awareness of the harmful effects of polluted water compels him to use bottled purified or mineral water for drinking. It is sad to note that water like air which is supposed to be free, is now at a cost. Bottled water and purified drinking water stations have cropped up and are making good business. In many localities the cost of drinking water per liter has even overtaken the cost of gasoline. The fact remains that in most cases we do not have a choice. Water in cities and highly industrialized places is exposed to pollutants from industrial chemical wastes. Those living in farmlands are more exposed to chemicals from fertilizers or weed killers that seep into the soil and contaminate the water table.

People living along the shore are always exposed water with higher salt content. Meanwhile, some people unknowingly take hard water, which is water with a very high mineral content. The absence of trees as a result of deforestation has resulted to floods that have caused the spread of many diseases. In one way or another these factors contribute to the development of kidney diseases.

1.From bottled water:
it is best advised that the choice of a reliable brand be considered. You can have a choice of mineral or distilled water.
2.From Purified drinking water stations:
3. From Natural Springs and wells far from commercial farms
4.Have your own purifying system at home.
Choose purifiers that do not only remove solid particles, solutes or germs, but can also remove liquid chemicals or solvents that mix with water. These chemicals can pass even though microfilters.


I am just sharing what I have read from a book to give you some important informations of being healthy.

From the book:  Caring for the Filters
                            by: Pearle T. Pagunsan, M.D. 
                            and Hazel Chua-Pagunsan, M.D.