The typical Middle Eastern rice Mandhi delicious for Idul Fitri Menu

The typical Middle Eastern rice Mandhi delicious for Idul Fitri Menu, To recover power after a full day of going on a fast, we usually have to eat sweet meals and beverages. But there is a Center Southern cooking improve endurance, but delicious taste. His name is Grain Mandhi.

A customer in the KH Mas Mansyur (Sunan Ampel Spiritual Travel and leisure area) provides a wide range of Center Southern meals. One of the best promoting meals is rice Mandhi.

Snack that is almost identical like this yellow-colored rice prepared with various spices or herbs. Such as red onion, beans, turmeric root extract extract, nutmeg, cinnamon and spice up.

"So fresh fragrance, taste also included cumin and cilantro dust with 50 percent tsp. evaluate," said Umi Sundus when discussing with, Wednesday (07/08/2012).

Middle-aged lady, proprietor of the Warehouse Yemen also has extra taste (secret). When the handling of rice with condiments on the hotplate, he also included cardamom dust and sliced vegetables that have been enhanced.

"The fragrance of cardamom can improve hunger, and common fresh spices or herbs," he said.

Then, spread the money Sundus Umi Mandhi Grain with raisins. Delicious, delicious rice with the scent you are prepared to crack their fast.

Mandhi rice usually provided with sides of goat beef. Can be prepared like krengsengan, or by means of goat's increases. A providing of rice Mandhi quite cost USD 25 million.

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