Coca Cola's latest product launches

Culled from Marion Nestle's blog, two consecutive posts relating to Coca Cola's latest product launches:
- Coca-Cola’s new health drink?
- Another Coca-Cola Product: Simply Orange

The first launch goes with the current "functional beverages" trend we have described early last month in Debunking Superfoods Beverages.

The second launch is way more interesting: It is a much bolder, "innovative" move coming from such a food giant as Coca Cola; it means going backwards food-technology-wise, and marketing a more "traditional", minimally processed drink.
We also mentioned last month's Mintel 2008 Food Trend report in our Junk-free foods trend post...
Looks like Coca Cola jumped on the trend. Well, as Marion Nestle points out, Coca Cola's and Minute Maid's brand names are conspicuously absent from the labels, ads and websites: Isn't Minute Maid associated with juices processed from concentrates? And Coca Cola with sodas and related sweetened beverages?


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