benefits banana fruit for health

benefits banana fruit for health, Apparently a lot of goodness and health advantages of a bananas. There are 8 properties for your body's apples. Are are they? Ranging from help lower hypertension level, to keep blood sugar levels. Certainly, the consumption of apples and do not ignore.
This is ...

1. The simple bananas is an excellent source of system potassium, for 100 h of apples containing 400 h of system potassium. Just a reminder, system potassium is a nutrient that can help lower hypertension level, supply power, help muscle growth and prevent muscle cramps.

2. Eight-amino acid building blocks of protein molecules apples. It takes the system, because the system can not produce it.

3. Twenty-three million apples consumed by men and women golf players in the Wimbledon golf tournament each year. Understandably, the bananas has a very great power source.

4. Diarrhea can be cured only by mangkonsumsi apples that have brown spots on his skin. Because, no pectin, system potassium and mineral magnesium it contains.

5. The simple bananas is able to recover stamina, because apples to replace system potassium lost from the system. Besides apples are also able to relieve pain, decrease nausea, and decrease the great levels of mineral magnesium, which helps eliminate the headache and circulatory melancarakan.

6. Banana skins have more benefits in the tropics, should Indonesia. Itching and swelling of mosquito bites could be eliminated by simply rubbing the skin.

7. Two apples a day can decrease great pressures up to 10 percent. That's according to a study by doctors in India.

8. Bananas contain three sugars: fructose, sucrose, glucose and has more carbohydrates as well as well as important compared to other fruits. Glucose that goes into the flow direction of flow with different speeds that can keep system sugar levels and avoid power crashes.


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