TIPS FOR THAT HAVE DISEASES HYPERTENSION, Individuals with high blood pressure are at probabilities of cardiac event, stroke, and kidney condition. Those who have high blood pressure, you should do these 5 steps.

By following some simple nutritional recommendations, you can minimize high blood pressure and protect your wellness.

"You can prevent the chance of condition due to high blood pressure by making simple eating plan," said Lawrence Appel, MD, MPH, professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg of Public Health, as quoted by everydayhealth, Friday (15/06/2012).

The following nutritional recommendations for those who have high blood pressure, among others:

A. Reduce consumption of sodium

Sodium acts as a preservative, so often found in extreme amounts in unhealthy meals. Read the labels on food packaging carefully.

You only need about 200 mg of salt and should not exceed 600 mg salt. If you are eating more fresh produce, the consumption of salt that you eat less, too.

2. Bodyweight loss

Weight loss as a whole seems to have a positive effect on high blood pressure level. Having an ideal weight may actually contribute to high blood pressure and other illnesses.

3. Avoid alcoholic beverages

Excessive drinking has a negative impact on high blood pressure level.

4. Change your diet

Change your daily eating plan with a focus on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy, and liver organ. Food is good for keeping high blood pressure level remained constant.

5. Medication therapy

For some conditions, not everyone is able to manage high blood pressure with eating plan alone.

Some people sometimes need medication to keep his high blood pressure level to remain stable

"There are benefits of medications for high blood pressure, high blood pressure you. Therapy complementary medicine and eating plan, but consult with your doctor the use of medication to determine whether medication that you consume is safe and causes no side effects on wellness," said Appel.

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