Benefits of Honey

Last week, when I went to my grandma's house for a visit, she offered me a bottle of Honey. I was just like staring it likely saying what will I do with this Honey? I didn't feel like eating it alone. I had been just so naive . I, honestly didn't like sweets. Grandma told me that she bought it for her cough and sore throat. It was her best alternative for cough. Grandma needed all naturals and herbal as it helped her boost the immune system without having trouble on her kidney.
So, I was like Grandma, can I have the half? She gave me one bottle and the other one bottle for her.

After that day, I went home and started surfing on the internet. I used to surf the benefits of honey on the skin. I have read lots of good reviews using honey. I was amazed by the good feedbacks I have read. I started out taking it internally as I have read it is an effective suppressant for my cough. I got this cough from a sudden change of weather. I have this cough almost 2 weeks, and all I can say I have a weak immune system. After 5 days of taking it, my cough was totally gone. It clears my throat also even without  taking any medicines.

Here's what I did and what I like about Honey:

Benefits of honey on Health:
1. It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
2. It is used to take for boosting the immune system with Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.
3. It can be categorized as nutritional and medicinal as it suppressed coughs, colds and soothed sore throat.
4. It can be combined with cinnamon in one cup lukewarm water that helps to lessen the itchiness and pain of arthritis. Chronic arthritis can be cured easily when taken regularly.
5. It reduces cholesterol that helps patient away from heart failure.
6. Best suggest to mix it with cinnamon as it helps to improve fertility for those infertile and impotent.
7. It serves as a food supplement and heart stimulant.
8. It serves as anti-oxidant.

All of these lists, mostly 2 tablespoons of Honey can be taken regularly. If there is cinnamon, you can combine  it with Honey, make a paste, and  put 1 tablespoon of water then take it every day.

Benefits of Honey on skin:
1. It helps to treat wounds.
2. It helps to reduce scarring and swelling. It can be applied directly on the skin or taken internally as long as you can do it on your own.
3. It serves as a facial mask to get rid of aging signs.
4. It helps to reduce body odors.
5. It helps to cure allergies.
Best suggest to combine it with lemon or calamansi and apply directly on skin. Massage gently, leave it about 30 minutes, and rinse it well. You can feel the smoothness and softness of your skin.
6. Hot bath with honey. Put 1/4 cup of honey on hot bath water.
7. It helps to get rid mosquito bite marks. Just simply massage your legs and hands with olive oil.
8. It is used as a moisturizer.

There are lots if reason why we need to use honey. My lists are just a few reasons why I love using it. I love doing experiments when it comes of using all pure and natural ingredients for health and skin purposes.

Now I finally know how amazing honey is. How about you? Since honey is just a natural and low cost, it might be worth a try. It is not just a sugar or a sweetener, it is the best for Health and Skin issues also.

By the way, I also use it as a conditioner. I mixed it my conditioner while taking a bath.
There you go, hope you have learned something today. It is just a simple summary of my noted experiences.

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