Natural Skin Care Tips

Are you suffering from acne? Pimples never stop popping out? Skin Allergies?
Mosquito bite marks that make you feel embarrassed?
 Acne marks that so irritating?
Scar marks that totally annoying?

There are lots of
 skin conditions that make us feel bad and hopeless. Sometimes we wear clothes to hide those things. There are some over-the-counter products, some are effective while some are not. Scars will depend on how deep the scars created? How long will it take to heal and fade? Scar maturation takes time to heal. By using prescribed medicines, creams or ointments help to lessen the duration time of the healing process. The severity of the scars will depend on the thickness of the wounds. Smaller wounds will heal easily but the marks will stay. Having one or two or more smaller scar is usually not a big deal. These scars are usually unnoticeable and can be healed by Natural Ingredients.

Chicken pox,
 bug bites. Mosquito bites, pimples, acne, rashes, allergies create small marks when healed. Some are less visible, and others are healed and erased permanently. 

Bigger scars are more permanent and difficult to heal such as scars from injuries, accidents, undergone surgeries and a lot. There is some
 scar removal treatment that helps to lessen bigger scars such as laser surgery, Microdermabrasion and other treatment for scarring. Those who undergo with these, can afford to pay the services every session. If you can't afford, don't be so hopeless, take it as your remembrance, but if you want something to get away from that horrible experience, do a research. Natural Ingredients can be found at home. Why not do some experiments?

 Skin Care Products can do a lot of help. Patience is the key. You can't have the desired effect in just a tick of a clock or a blink of an eye. That's so impossible. Well, yeah, who knows. If you believe in that, you are awesome!

Here are some of my noted tips on how to lessen scars marks whether it's a small or a big one.

Our face is the most sensitive part of our skin. Getting too much sensitivity towards germs and dirts can cause pimples. Sometimes a little pinch or touch by our own unwashed fingers, create a little red mark that turn to a bigger one. Some dirt causes pimples, so we have to be very careful in everything. Harsh chemical contents cosmetics can be prone to

1. Before taking a bath, scrub your body with COFFEE SCRUB  , and leave it about 15-30mins to let dry and dead skin scrubbed away, also good for varicose veins and cellulite) Put some honey and Olive Oil on a tub with warm water. When taking a bath, relax in a tub, massage your body with Olive Oil and honey on it using loofah sponge. After a couple of minutes rinse it well. The softness and smoothness will stay after rinsing it.

2. Considering you have bigger pores that create bigger pimples, you just have to wash your face every morning and night using a mild (HYPOALLERGENIC SOAPS ). Don't pop or pinch your pimples. It may cause deep swelling and pimple scar marks when healed. Avoid touching your face with your fingers. Keep your hair clean and away from face.

3. Put Calamansi mixed with olive oil and massage it on your face. If you feel hurt using calamansi, just use olive oil along with a honey. Mixed them well and massage it on your face. 
SHEA BUTTER  is good for pimple marks. You just have to massage them along with EMU OIL or OLIVE OIL  and leave about 30mins. 

4. Apply  your own toner using cotton, put some cream and massage it. You can also apply your own  facial mask at home. You can apply them as long as they don't irritate your skin.

SHEA BUTTER , EMU OIL , and OLIVE OIL  are all natural, hypoallergenic and good treatment for scarring. Either combining the three or using one of them, will advisably do.

ROSEHIP OIL  is also good for scarring. It can be applied both on face and body the same with the three Emu Oil, Olive Oil, and Shea Butter.

5. Put some lotion on your skin. A lotion that contains hypoallergenic substance such as emu oil, olive, Shea butter or Rosehip oil. Emu Oil, Olive Oil and Shea Butter serve as a moisturizer. You can use them as a lotion. Massage them all over your body. If you do not have them all. Just scrub your legs with Calamansi or lemon and put ordinary lotions you are using.

6. If you have acne scars, pimple scars, mosquito bite marks, and any type of scars , these Natural Skin Care Products can do a lot of help vanishing it. It takes a lot of time to remove permanently, just be patient enough to wait. "What you sow, is what you reap". If you don't exert an effort, you won't succeed.
Always do a massage, in a circular motion. Touch your skin with love, passion and acceptance.

What are you waiting for?
CALAMANSI from your kitchen and start rubbing skin now.

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