Positive outlook in life for a better Relationship

There are certain ways on how to nurture your relationship. It doesn't literally mean referring something like doing good things around. Get real! There is no perfect relationship, I know. But it should be done something that both of you could work it out.

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” -~Sam Keen

There is no perfect relationship but we could make it perfect by accepting each others flaws.
There is no such thing as being in love.  It is the best feeling to love and be loved. But not all relationships endure, some relationships end faster than it started.
There are some reasons why relationship turns out nothing after all you have been through.  Insecurity, dishonesty, jealousy, arguments, distrust, despair and a lot, are the reasons why relationships end so fast.
Yes, maybe, there are three kinds of people who can actually destroy a relationship
1.The ex who keeps on bragging.
2.   2.Bitches who keep on flirting
3.   3.Others  that are patiently waiting.

They are just waiting for the break-up to tell you honestly. Feeling so worried about them? No. Just don’t put yourself down and affected. Remove all the negative thoughts. Think something that can help your relationship grow instead of thinking weird stuff that makes you paranoid.

Boys will be boys. They will admire girls not just one but a lot. Sexy and pretty girls around. They love watching girls in a sexy piece of cloth. Admit it or not, it makes you feel jealous. Jealous is just a natural feeling and you have to deal with it. You couldn't keep yourself away from jealousy after seeing your guy with the other girls. You feel like you're just stuck there and wish to be like her. Boys appreciate outside beauty but beauty is what you make yourself to be loved by him. Boys love to be with his girl rather than with sexy girls around. They just simply admire them and that’s it.

Girls sometimes act so insecure after knowing that girl is better than her. If you feel so down  and hurt about the idea that he likes her.  Totally disappointed that you are gaining more weight due to depression. Depression that leads you to eat overly. Pimples keep on popping out around your face for not sleeping the whole night thinking how can he be so stupid. Frustrating, isn't it? Oh, no way, don't be so over reacting, he isn’t that bad.  You just screw up this much. You are just making reasons to leave you after all  . Why not do something good instead of pulling yourself away from the truth. Do you ask him who  that girl is? Do you catch him dating? Holding hands while walking?  Do  you see him lying naked on his bed with the other girl? 

You have right to ask and know the truth. You deserve to be respected as well. If you found out he mess up and do stupid, then learn to let go!  Stop begging, he is not worth it, period!
Wait for his apology and if he says  It's over. I'm not happy with you, then move on!  Honestly, boys won't do this.  Most of them afraid to do so. They are afraid to confront girls and rather keep on quiet. Most guys hate arguments, no words coming from their mouth. They're just sitting there, not talking perhaps they are afraid to hurt girls and that would be extremely exasperating!

While some other guys, maybe just a few of them are open and honest about the relationship. They will tell you why and what you are to them. They will explain everything not to make things complicated.  
If the guy loves you truly defies explanations. He can’t answer it either. Love explains nothing but a feeling of being so complete.

But Girls misinterpreted it sometimes. They feel like devastated that they could even get the exact reasons why guys love them. And that’s a foul! No questions to ask. Don’t ask why your guy loves you. You are just questioning his love and for him his love isn’t enough for you.   If they want to stay, then they will. If they are tired already, and need space, they’ll leave!

Even though it hurts, you should accept it. It’s hard to accept at first, but the time will come that you can make your world smile again. Accepting and loving  yourself first is more important so that you can be able to share your love to someone again. Acceptance is the key. Accepting yourself and your mistakes and start a new chapter of your life.

But it doesn't mean you couldn't do something that make him fall for you again. Look at yourself in the mirror after heartbreaks. Fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags after long stressful nights. They are looking so bad, aren't they? Grow up girl, it’s not the end of the world. You can make things up and do something. Don't compare yourself among others. If you don't have enough, accept it with all your heart. You are unique, you are beautiful. If lots of girls are better than you, then that would be fine considering the fact that there are lots of girls are better than them too. Obviously saying that beauty is just an outside appearance. You can make them as inspiration if you really want to be noticed. And get back with your boyfriend. A little touch of make up and Natural way of being healthy and beautiful are plus factor.  The bottom line is he loves you for real!

Fix yourself. Do a little make over.  Do a routine with a proper way of being healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Healthy lifestyle affects everything. All bad aspects will be vanished after all.
Erased past bad experiences and focus more on positive outlook in life. Make it a habit. Eliminate all the stressful moments you have been through. Always believe in yourself and don't compare yourself to others. 
Being beautiful is not about how good you wear your clothes.  It is not about how gorgeous and expensive jewelries  you are wearing, it is not about how long your eye leashes are, it is all about who you are and what you are in your own way.
"To accept ourselves as we are means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections.”

Be beautiful inside and out. Positive outlook in life, will reflect the whole you. It is a Natural Way of being healthy inside and glowing outside!
You will be great to see him back in your arms again. No more flaws. No more jealous! 




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